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Templates Blog short link lam Most Excellent urlshortner

If the web is there is a gap / bug could have been infiltrated by hackers who are not responsible and erase all existing data on the hosting. Well for that hadirlah invoasi new blogger templates that short link lam Premium Blogger Template. By using this blog template you will easily create a free short link lam cms converter using Blogger.

Why use Blogger?

Actually very simple, when making use of the free blogger cms then no need to bother again have to hire a hosting. Certainly do not have to worry also about DDoS attacks or website went offline. So if this is safe for adsense? Safe of course, because in this template there are features that can protect your adsense ads.

What are the Pros From Template It?

This template is quite unique because of the look on the homepage and safe page of different parts, not only the template is also built using Bootstrap CSS framework. So if bored with the view that it-it just can easily replace themenya without having to bother changing cssnya.

Here are some features which I will explain in this review:

1. Random Article

As the title suggests, if you ever use short link lam converter before it will find these features are articles that will be displayed on the page short link lam randomly. This will make the AdSense unsuspecting.

2. IP Monitoring

Ip monitoring system has been converted from a system with php codingan to be run on blogger. With this feature, we as administrators can monitor traffic that passes through the ip short link lam our blog. That way if it finds suspicious ip / continuous visit the blog may be because Jingling so that it can block ip.

3. Banned Page

After the IP Monitoring, now part of the page banned. Here you as an admin can block url that does not comply with the rules, such as its link to the web porn or web that contains a virus, the url will be blocked and when visitors use the link will be automatically redirected to the page banned.

4. Countdown With Progress Bar

Countdown usually in the form of text / numbers that go back, but this time is different. At this template countdown is converted into a progress bar that will run itself, if the progress bar is full, the "continue" button will appear automatically and visitors can proceed to the desired link.

5. AdBlock Killer

There must be some people who install add-ons / plugins AdBlock which can eliminate the ads in our blog. So instead, on this template can beat plugins / add-ons AdBlock. So that visitors who use it can not proceed to the link destination

Download Links

There are still many features and advantages in this template, because too much so I took some important points only. If interested in using this can directly buy their products here. Hopefully this review helpful, thank you greetings blogger.
Templates Blog short link lam Most Excellent urlshortner Reviewed by Muhammad Lamhamdi on 06:27:00 Rating: 5
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